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Understanding the Employee Rights Act

It’s been more than 70 years since Congress overhauled America’s labor laws. During the following decades, we’ve witnessed a workplace revolution that has fostered innovation, opportunity, and flexibility for America’s 150 million member strong workforce. Despite this, labor union leaders continue to cling to outdated labor laws that stifle job creation and trample employees rights.

It is time we reform our labor laws to put employees’ rights first, not self-interested labor union leaders. Now is the time for the Employee Rights Act.

Components of the Employee Rights Act

  • Secret Ballot Elections — Guarantee employees the right to a secret ballot election when choosing whether or not to join a union.
  • Union Recertification Elections — Require that all unionized workplaces hold a secret ballot referendum every three years to determine whether the employees wish to remain represented by their current union.
  • Paycheck Protection — Give employees the right to refuse support for a unions’ political operations or support of political parties or candidates.
  • Decertification Coercion Prevention — Strengthen the National Labor Relations Act to prohibit unions from intimidating or coercing employees from exercising their rights, including their right to decertify the union.
  • Secret Ballot Strike Vote — Give employees the right to a secret ballot vote before union leaders can declare a strike.
  • Criminalizes Union Threats — Forbid unions from using violence, or threats thereof, in an effort to coerce employees.