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Contracts - Sports / Entertainment

Twin Cities Public Television Inc KTCA TV KTCI TV
St Paul, MN
CWA Local 5741122July 8th, 2009
Daily News of Los Angeles
Woodland Hills, CA
CWA Local 9400 D 9120January 6th, 2009
Idearc Media Sales - East Co.
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
CWA Local 1 Dist90August 20th, 2008
Idearc Media Sales - East Co.
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
CWA Local 1 Dist40August 20th, 2008
Muzak LLC
Ft. Mill, SC
CWA Local 636037July 30th, 2008
Southfield, MI
CWA Local 72April 25th, 2008
Museum Village
Monroe, NY
CWA Local 11200October 29th, 2007
Community Action Organization of Scioto County
Porthsmouth, OH
CWA Local 4510 D 496July 11th, 2007
Star- Ledger
Newark, NJ
CWA Local 1419910June 26th, 2007
The Canyons Resort (C/o Mountain States Employers Council Inc)
Park City, UT
CWA Local District 758June 19th, 2007
California Elections Company
Escondido, CA
CWA Local 95863June 8th, 2007
McLaughlin Company McLaughlin Insurance Agency The & Potomac Insurance Network
Washington, DC
CWA Local DISTRICT 214May 29th, 2007
Northwest Indiana Public Broadcasting Inc (WYIN)
Merrillville, IN
CWA Local 4110August 2nd, 2006
Program Productions Inc
Lombard, IL
CWA Local 4115April 18th, 2006
CWA Local 4140October 13th, 2005
Twin Cities Public Television(KTCA/KTCI-TV-tpt)
Minneapolis, MN
CWA Local 411 NABET25July 13th, 2005
WJW-TV (Newsroom)
Cleveland, OH
CWA Local 4254April 27th, 2005