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Contracts - Food Manufacturing / Processing

Sanderson Farms Inc
Collins, MS
LIUNA Local 693108November 13th, 2009
Tuscaloosa, AL
LIUNA Local 559450November 13th, 2009
Appetizers And Inc Menu Inspirations
Chicago, IL
LIUNA Local 681April 24th, 2009
Smithfield Packing Company Inc
Smithfield, VA
LIUNA Local 10461151April 16th, 2009
Smithfield South (Smithfield Packing Co Inc)
Smithfield, VA
LIUNA Local 10461375March 17th, 2009
Sanderson Farms Inc
Hazlehurst, MS
LIUNA Local 693166October 22nd, 2008
Westbury Paper Stock
Westbury, NY
LIUNA Local 10862October 14th, 2008
Smithfield Ham & Products
Smithfield, VA
LIUNA Local 104660June 23rd, 2008
Kerry Ingredients Evansville Coating Division
Evansville, IN
LIUNA Local 561120June 9th, 2008
Smithfield Packing Company\ Kingston NC
Kingston, NC
LIUNA Local 404498February 26th, 2007
Peco Foods Inc
Tuscaloosa, AL
LIUNA Local 559327October 25th, 2006
Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating
Ottawa, IL
LIUNA Local 39380September 14th, 2006
Smithfield South (Smithfield Packing Co Inc)
Smithfield, VA
LIUNA Local 10461200March 23rd, 2006
SANDERSON FARMS INC. Hazelhurst Processing Division
Hazelhurst, MS
LIUNA Local 693450December 19th, 2005
Seven Up RC Bottling Company of Southern California
Vernon, CA
LIUNA Local 20610November 21st, 2005