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Contracts - Transportation

ILWU Credit Union
Wilmington, CA
ILWU Local 6315September 25th, 2009
Pasha Terminals
Rancho Dominguez, CA
ILWU Local 638August 14th, 2009
Island Movers (Maui)
Honolulu, HI
ILWU Local 14240May 7th, 2009
Unisource Worldwide Inc
San Francisco, CA
ILWU Local 625May 6th, 2009
Automotive Groups of Servco Pacific Inc
Honolulu, HI
ILWU Local 142288August 28th, 2008
Tri Isle Inc dba Valley Isle Express and dba Haleakala Transportation & Warehousing
Wailuku, HI
ILWU Local 14245February 25th, 2008
APM Terminals Pacific Ltd
Terminal Island, CA
ILWU Local 637February 11th, 2008
Inchcape Shipping Services
Long Beach, CA
ILWU Local 636February 11th, 2008
Island Movers Inc
Honolulu, HI
ILWU Local 142160January 18th, 2008
Midpac Auto Center
Lihue, HI
ILWU Local 14220January 7th, 2008
Northland Services
Seattle, WA
ILWU Local 23June 5th, 2007
Kauai Commercial Company Ltd (Clerical)
Lihue, HI
ILWU Local 14213March 7th, 2007
Kauai Commercial Company Ltd (Production)
Lihue, HI
ILWU Local 14249March 7th, 2007
Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals L.P.- POV
Carson, CA
ILWU Local 630CU8September 19th, 2006
Hilo Transportation Company
Hilo, HI
ILWU Local 14224October 25th, 2005
Kuwaye Trucking Inc
Hilo, HI
ILWU Local 14211October 19th, 2005
ILWU Local 14251August 8th, 2005