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Evergreen Hospital and Medical Center
Kirkland, WA
IUOE Local 2864December 22nd, 2008
Century City, CA
IUOE Local 5014December 16th, 2008
Clougherty Packing Company
Los Angeles, VT
IUOE Local 5017December 16th, 2008
Leigh Southwest Cement Company
Cupertino, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 900December 9th, 2008
California Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors Association
Walnut Creek, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 200December 9th, 2008
Olympic View Transfer Station
Port Orchard, WA
IUOE Local 30214October 29th, 2008
IUOE Local 10135October 28th, 2008
Able Engineering Services for San Diego ( Bernando Regency and 5375 Mira Sorrento)
Los Angeles, CA
IUOE Local 5016October 28th, 2008
Pacific Power Services Corporation
Fairfield, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 45October 23rd, 2008
Kirby Canyon Recycling and Disposal
Morgan Hill, CA
IUOE Local 312October 21st, 2008
Road Machinery LLC (Cummins West-San Leandro)
Phoenix, AZ
IUOE Local 3 D 201October 20th, 2008
Road Machinery LLC (Cummins West-Sacramento)
Phoenix, AZ
IUOE Local 3 D 801October 20th, 2008
Road Machinery LLC(Shanahan Fresno Division)
Phoenix, AZ
IUOE Local 3 D 501October 20th, 2008
Portland Hilton Hotel
Portland, OR
IUOE Local 70113October 20th, 2008
Unico Properties Inc
Seattle, WA
IUOE Local 28613October 20th, 2008
Midwest Fly Ash dba ISG Resources dba Headwaters Resources
South Jordan, UT
IUOE Local 2340October 14th, 2008
A Plus Material Recycling Inc-Utility
Stockton, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 3013October 9th, 2008
Land O' Lakes Inc
St Paul, MN
IUOE Local 2804October 8th, 2008
Shanahan Equipment
San Leandro, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 501October 8th, 2008
Kirby Canyon Recycling Disposal
Castroville, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 9011October 8th, 2008
Soc Nevada LLC
Hawthorne, NV
IUOE Local 3 D 110October 8th, 2008
Admiralty Diesel Services Inc
Vallejo, CA
IUOE Local 3 D 40October 8th, 2008