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American Federation of Teachers (AFT)


Salary Breakdown (2019)

  • Gross Salary: $239,154
  • Allowances: $7,065
  • Official Business: $14,676
  • Other Compensation: $0

Salary History

Year TitleGross SalaryTotal Compensation
2019ASST TO THE PRESIDENT$239,154$260,895
2018ASST TO THE PRESIDENT$237,655$259,409
2017AST TO PRES FOR ORG$237,575$257,483
2016MANAGEMENT STAFF$232,951$262,267
2015AST TO PRES FOR ORG$228,401$256,171
2014ASST. TO PRES, ORGAN. $223,905$253,492
2013AST TO PRES FOR ORG$219,515$249,657
2012AST TO PRES FOR ORG$216,788$243,151
2011ASSISTANT TO PRESIDENT$216,021$242,160
2010AST TO PRES FOR ORG$215,883$248,203
2009AST TO PRES FOR ORG$210,969$240,768
2008AST TO PRES FOR ORG$205,820$235,819
2007AST TO PRES FOR ORG$199,825$225,846
2006AST TO PRES FOR ORG$194,960$219,493
2005AST TO PRES FOR ORG$190,201$209,776
2004AST TO PRES ORG$187,600$216,576
2003AST TO PRES ORG$185,592$219,240
2002AST TO PRES ORG$185,016$221,491

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on the Department of Labor's website: