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Laborers (LIUNA)


Salary Breakdown (2015)

  • Gross Salary: 320202.00
  • Allowances: 0.00
  • Official Business: 54783.00
  • Other Compensation: 12278.00

Salary History

Year TitleGross SalaryTotal Compensation
2015VICE PRESIDENT320202387263
2014VICE PRESIDENT376736439072
2013VICE PRESIDENT391192471710
2012VICE PRESIDENT368169431862
2011VICE PRESIDENT363340431851
2010VICE PRESIDENT335494413347
2009VICE PRESIDENT296319355778
2008VICE PRESIDENT320220383988
2007VICE PRESIDENT294345384477
2006VICE PRESIDENT245998337452
2005VICE PRESIDENT222183295901
2004VICE PRES192282261549
2003VICE PRES187249252591
2002VICE PRESIDENT181714243231

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on the Department of Labor's website: