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United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1167P

Contracts - Retail Sales / Distribution / Warehousing (Includes Food)

Rite Aid Corp
Beaverton, OR
UFCW Local 11671037May 5th, 2008
Rite Aid Corp
Beaverton, OR
UFCW Local 116793May 5th, 2008
CVS Pharmacy
Woonsocket, RI
UFCW Local 116723May 5th, 2008
Gigante USA Inc
Buena Park, CA
UFCW Local 11679April 21st, 2008
Lucky Stores Inc
Fullerton, CA
UFCW Local 116750August 10th, 2007
Food 4 Less (Ralph's Grocery Company)
Compton, CA
UFCW Local 11671129April 18th, 2007
Burbank, CA
UFCW Local 11674April 17th, 2007
Hows Markets
Pasadena, CA
UFCW Local 11678March 7th, 2007
Vons A Safeway Company
Arcadia, CA
UFCW Local 11672442March 2nd, 2007
Albertson's Inc.
Fullerton, CA
UFCW Local 11673105January 10th, 2007
Ralph's and Food 4 Less
Los Angeles, CA
UFCW Local 11671868January 10th, 2007
Von's A Safeway Company
Los Angeles, CA
UFCW Local 11671911January 10th, 2007
Stater Brothers Markets
Colton, CA
UFCW Local 11677372January 10th, 2007
Red Shell Foods Inc
City of Industry, CA
UFCW Local 11670January 10th, 2007
Super A Foods
Los Angeles, CA
UFCW Local 116710January 10th, 2007
Ralphs Grocery Company
Compton, CA
UFCW Local 11672098October 25th, 2006
Gen Rx
Lake Elsinore, CA
UFCW Local 11678June 27th, 2006
Rite Aid Corporation
Beaverton, OR
UFCW Local 11671080May 4th, 2005
UFCW Local 116721March 24th, 2005