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Locomotive Engineers (BLE)


Salary Breakdown (2019)

  • Gross Salary: $174,331
  • Allowances: $0
  • Official Business: $30,971
  • Other Compensation: $0

Salary History

Year TitleGross SalaryTotal Compensation
2019GENERAL CHAIRMAN$174,331$205,302
20181ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$151,647$178,173
20171ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$131,245$174,394
20161ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$122,333$163,870
20151ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$129,736$163,964
2014!ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$122,427$160,652
20121ST VICE GENERAL CHAIRMAN$71,174$78,957
20114TH VICE GENERAL CHAIRMA $5,100$8,956
2007LOCAL CHAIRMAN$1,440$3,173
2006LOCAL CHAIRMAN$1,440$2,504
2004LOCAL CHAIRMAN$1,440$2,192
2003LOCAL CHAIRMAN$600$600

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on the Department of Labor's website: