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Other Liabilities (2015)

Accrued Post-Retirement Benefits$589,278,454
Accrued Pension Costs$84,210,111
Deferred Revenue and Deposits$176,485
Deferred Compensation-457 Plan$1,699,515
Payroll Withholding Deductions$351,789
District Office-Educ. and PEC Funds$8,860,577
Accrued Convention$3,287,728
Accrued Benefits and Accrued Expenses$18,083,872
Restricted Investment Held in Escrow$324,191
Local Union Refund Deductions$899,208
Unapplied Dues and Fees$1,002,264
Escrow Funds Held for Inactive Local Unions$4,662,948

Source: Office of Labor Management Standards