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United Food & Commercial Workers

Receipts for: Willis Of Maryland, Inc.

  • Location: P.O.BOX 13784
    NEWARK, NJ 7188
  • Total Received from United Food & Commercial Workers: $1,372,789.00

Itemized Disbursements

The Department of Labor requires unions to itemize any payment over $5,000.

January 7th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$64,099
January 7th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$101,468
January 7th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$26,563
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,247
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$38,116
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,704
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$17,172
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$47,805
January 30th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,931
February 24th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$20,575
February 24th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$343,090
February 27th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
February 27th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,931
February 27th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,704
March 11th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$16,273
March 11th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
March 11th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$13,159
April 14th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,309
April 14th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
April 14th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,779
May 8th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
May 8th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
May 8th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$9,678
May 29th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,779
May 29th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
May 29th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
June 15th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$7,756
July 13th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
July 13th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,779
July 13th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
July 22nd, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$14,720
July 22nd, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$6,922
July 22nd, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$11,202
August 20th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,980
August 20th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
August 20th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$5,718
August 31st, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$12,980
August 31st, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$15,874
December 7th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$182,700
December 7th, 2015INSURANCE PREMIUMS$123,322

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.