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Case: Draper Trucking, LLC (03-RD-177325)

Case Details

Case Name: Draper Trucking, LLC
Case Location: Holland, NY
Date Filed: June 1st, 2016
Status: Open
Employees: 11
Employees in Unit: Included: All truck drivers. Excluded: Mechanics and office personnel, management.


Draper Trucking LLC


Holland, NY 14080-9510
Phone: (716)537-2275

Burdzinksi & Partners, Inc.

Legal Representative

2393 Hickory Bark Dr Dayton, OH 45458-9424
Phone: (937)430-9843

Burdzinski & Partners, Inc.

Legal Representative

2393 Hickory Bark Dr. Dayton, OH 45458-9424
Phone: (518)567-1979

Creighton, Johnsen & Giroux

Legal Representative

560 Ellicott Square Building 295 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203-2461
Phone: (716)854-0007

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local #449


Buffalo, NY 14206-2418


c/o National Right to Work Legal Foundation, Inc.

Legal Representative

8001 Braddock Road Suite 600 Springfield, VA 22160
Phone: (703)321-8510