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Case: Valero Energy Corporation (16-RD-01533)

Case Details

Employer: Valero Energy Corporation
Industry: Petrochemical Manufacturing
Union: United Steelworkers International Union, Local 13-487; AFL-CIO
Employees: 344

INCLUDED: All full-time employees at the McKee Plants.
EXCLUDED: Except clerical workers, supervisors, foreman, transport truck drivers, patrolmen and watchmen holding official commisions (but including Gatekeepers) and field transportation and production employees (who work part-time at the McKee Plants).


Valero Energy Corporation


Tonja Bilbrey
Address: 6701 FM 119
Sunray, TX 79086
Phone: (806)935-1253

Valero Energy Corporation

United Steelworkers Union International Local 13-487, AFL-CIO


Ruben Garza
Address: P.O. Box 38
Dumas, TX 79029
Phone: (615)585-0983

United Steelworkers International Union Local 13-487, AFL-CIO, Local 4-487
Local 13-487