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Unfair Labor Practice Charges: 8(a)(1) Coercive Rules

Case NumberCase NameAllegation
01-CA-112976AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
01-CA-121239AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
01-CA-155581Autumn Lake Healthcare at Norwalk, Autumn Lake Healthcare at Bucks Hill8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
07-CA-049986Autumnwood of Deckerville Nursing Home8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
07-CA-165190The Future Project8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
08-CA-038825Healthcare Ventures of Ohio, LLC (Autumn Court)8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
12-CA-166595Hospital Español Auxilio Mutuo8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
12-CA-185339Hospital Español Auxilio Mutuo de Puerto Rico, Inc. y Sociedad Española de Auxilio Mutuo y Beneficencia de Puerto Rico8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
13-CA-128401Future Environmental, Incorporated8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
13-CA-129583Future Environmental, Incorporated8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
13-CA-129656 Wolf Lake Terminals, Inc.8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
15-CA-170531Brookhaven Medical, Inc. and Future Matrix, Inc. as Joint and/or Single Employers8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
19-CA-133593Evergreen Trails, Inc. dba Horizon Coach Lines8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
19-CA-157938Employee Transportation Services8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
19-CA-160386Employee Transportation Services8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
26-CA-023548Future Electronics Distribution Center, L.P.8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
26-CA-023890Mass Mutual Financial Group8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
28-CA-070208C & M Homes, LLC8(a)(1) Coercive Rules
34-CA-012809Autumn Transportation, Inc. and Specialty Transportation, Inc.8(a)(1) Coercive Rules