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Service Employees, Local 1199 - Seiu United Health Care Workers East

Spending Detail: Contributions Gifts Grants

RecipientPurposeTotal Amount
Fairness for CommunityNon-Profit450000
North Carolina NAACPNon-Profit100000
National Action NetworkNon-Profit75000
NAACP Labor Journey for JusticeNon-Profit52000
Rainbow Push CoalitionNon-Profit50000
National PR Day Parade,Inc.Non-Profit50000
Chinese ProgressiveAssociationNon-Profit31867
Dominican Day Parade Inc.Non-Profit28000
Amsterdam News Educational FundNon-Profit25000
Ujamaa Community DevelopmentNon-Profit25000
International des Svcs PublicsNon-Profit25000
Communities United, Inc.Non-Profit24500
H-CAP, Inc.Non-Profit24000
1199 SEIU/ Employer Child Care CorporationBenefit Fund20500
Insitute for Policy StudiesNon-Profit20000
The Gathering for JusticeNon-Profit20000
METTA VolunteersNon-Profit18000
New York Immigration CoalitionNon-Profit15000
Coalition of Black Trade UnionistsNon-Profit15000
Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and Human RighNon-Profit15000
A Philip Randolph InstituteNon-Profit15000
Gran Parada Dominicana del Bronx Inc.Non-Profit14500
Amnesty USANon-Profit11738
Alliance of CommunitiesNon-Profit10855
New York Amsterdam NewsPublication10000
Brooklyn United Marching ArtsParade Supplies10000
Downtown Brooklyn Neighbohood AllianceNon-Profit10000
Secretaria ISPNon-Profit10000
U.S. Labor Against The WarNon-Profit10000
Fiscal Policy InstituteNon-Profit10000
Callen-Lorde Community Health CenterNon-Profit10000
Washington Center for Aging ServicesNon-Profit9754
NYC Central Labor CouncilUnion9000
Labor Management InitiativesNon-Profit9000
Delapenha's Funeral Services Ltd.Profess. Svcs8100
Trilogy An Opera Co.Non-Profit7500
Theatre South Atlanta, Inc.Non-Profit7250
St. John's Episcopal Hospital Development BoardHealthcare Institution6700
NYS Alliance For Retired AmericansNon-Profit6500
Medicare Rights CenterNon-Profit6000
Long Island Federation of LaborNon-Profit6000
PSI Nepal AffiliatesNon-Profit5500
Comite NoviembreNon-Profit5500
North Star FundNon-Profit5500
Fresh Cut FlowersAwards and Gift5264
ALIGN/NY Jobs with JusticeNon-Profit5000
Praxis ProjectNon-Profit5000
NYU Lutheran Medical CenterHealthcare Institution5000
AFYA FoundationNon-Profit5000
Coro New YorkNon-Profit5000
The Peggy Browning FundNon-Profit5000
The Brotherhood SistersolNon-Profit5000
Siddhipur Peace and Development CenterNon-Profit5000
SCLC /W.O.M.E.N. Inc.Non-Profit5000
Dominican Women's Development CenterNon-Profit5000
GMIN Organization Inc.Non-Profit5000
Institute of the Black World 21st CenturyNon-Profit5000
Erase RacismNon-Profit5000