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Receipts for: Peake Delancey Printers Llc

  • Type: Printer
  • Location: PO BOX 643561
    CHEVERLY, MD 20781
  • Total Received from Teamsters: $752,289.00

Itemized Disbursements

The Department of Labor requires unions to itemize any payment over $5,000.

January 23rd, 2015FALL 2014 UPS DIV NEWSLETTR$21,267
January 27th, 2015OUTBOUND MAILING BALLOT LU710$7,423
February 19th, 2015NOV/DEC 14 - TMSTR MAG.MAILING$5,979
March 4th, 2015TEAMSTER LEADER N/L-JAN 2015$30,546
March 11th, 2015FEB/MAR 15 - TMSTR MAG. MAILNG$6,630
March 19th, 2015FEB/MAR 15-PREPRESS TMSTR MAG$8,593
April 1st, 2015SCHL BUS DRIVER-NWSLTR#2$6,170
May 13th, 2015APR-MAY15 PREPRESS &PRESS INSP$32,125
June 26th, 2015JUN 15 -AIRLN DIV NEWSLTTR$24,132
July 1st, 2015JUN 15-DAIRY TRAD DIV NEWSLTTR$32,979
August 19th, 2015MAIL JACKET AND KITTING LET'S$15,715
September 2nd, 2015D. MOSKOWITZ BUSINESS CARD$12,425
September 16th, 2015ORGANIZING MODEL BOOKLET - 12$7,110
September 23rd, 2015CCSD LOCAL 14 MAILER$8,640
September 30th, 2015SEP-15 TMSTR LEADER NWSLTTR$33,680
October 14th, 2015FIRST STUDNT MAILER PRE-REFRND$16,913
October 21st, 2015RED CROSS REFERENDUM PRINTING$19,803
October 28th, 2015POSTAGE USED$48,541
November 4th, 2015OCT-15 TMSTR MAG. NCOA$39,022
December 2nd, 2015OCT-15 MOTION PIC DIV NWSLTR$78,857
December 16th, 2015POSTAGE FOR RESENDS$73,392
December 30th, 2015NOV-15 AIRLN DIV NEWSLTTR$27,112
July 8th, 2015JUN/JUL 15 PRE PRESS MAGAZIN$39,293
July 15th, 2015JUN-15 MOTION PIC DIV NWSLTR$33,903
July 21st, 2015JUN 15 FOOD PROCESSING NEWSLET$7,485
July 29th, 2015JUL 15 TEAMSTER LEADER$33,317
August 12th, 2015LETS GET AMERICA WORKING POSTE$17,579

Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards. This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.