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Case: Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc. (12-RD-152150)

Case Details

Case Name: Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc.
Case Location: Jacksonville, FL
Date Filed: May 13th, 2015
Status: Closed
Date Closed: July 8th, 2015
Reason Closed: Certification of Results
Employees: 7
Employees in Unit: Included: air traffic controllers Excluded: Manager, developmental employees, employees represented by another exclusive bargaining agent.


Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc.


Orlando, FL 32819-3913
Phone: (407)345-1474

Meyer, Brooks, Demma and Blohm, P.A.

Legal Representative

P.O. Box 1547 Tallahassee, FL 32302-1547
Phone: (850)878-5212

PATCO [Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization]


Tallahassee, FL 32301-3728
Phone: (850)942-6636