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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 483

Contracts - Other

Parkland Light & Water
Tacoma, WA
IBEW Local 48323December 17th, 2009
Ohop Mutual Light Company
Eatonville, WA
IBEW Local 48312February 17th, 2009
Puyallup, WA
IBEW Local 4830October 25th, 2007
Asplundh Tree Expert Company
Kenmore, WA
IBEW Local 48327September 10th, 2007
City of Sumner
Sumner, WA
IBEW Local 48319August 30th, 2006
City of Tacoma (Customer and Field Services Unit)
Tacoma, WA
IBEW Local 483131September 9th, 2005
City of Tacoma (Clerical Unit)
Tacoma, WA
IBEW Local 483154August 26th, 2005